Operations and Administration

The flow of Administration of this LCDA starts from the Chairman/Caretaker Chairman to the Head of Local Government Administration through the Director of Administration & Generals Services to the Entire Staffs’

Department of Administration & General Services

  • Applying the local government staff regulation scheme of service, financial memoranda, circulars etc in treating specified subjects assigned to the local government
  • Taking charge of specified subject with in a unit of a local government council.
  • Supervising the work of a number of officers in all sections.
  • Assisting in the cost estimates and tender documents for major projects to be undertaken either by contract or direct labour.
  • Local government appoints personnel in GL 01- 06 prior to the approval of the local government service commission.

Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources

  • Advising farmers and conducting simple demonstrations for them at village level.
  • Performing the duties of a senior Agricultural field over seer at a higher level of responsibility
  • Supervising and training Agricultural extension workers.
  • Directing and co-ordinating the activities of the Agricultural super intendents and other extension service workers in the Local Government


  • Liaison with state and federal agents in respect of state and federal Agricultural extension projects in the Local Government Area.
  • Monitoring the Implementation of all Agricultural development programmes in the Local Government Area

Department of Finance and Supplies

  • Taking charge of a number of junior officers who are required to carry out routine checks of accounts and records of other departments.
  • Taking charge of revenue collection and accounting duties in an out station office.
  • Co-ordinating and supervising the work of a number of officers working within the unit.
  • Assisting in organizing, providing and consolidating the accounts of all departments of the Local Government.
  • Taking charge of enforcement of a number of revenue areas in Local Government.

Department of Primary Health Care

  • Supervising proper keeping of records of burial and all internments
  • Responsible for the layout and management of public cemeteries.
  • Dispensing prescribed drugs under the supervision of a pharmacist or superior pharmacy technician.
  • Taking charge of primary health care dispensaries.
  • Keeping proper record of primary health care drug

Department of Education & Social Services

  • General supervision and assisting chief organizer in co- ordinating adult education in specified adult education activities in specified area.
  • Leading inspection teams on inspection testing and evaluation exercise in primary schools to ensure high standard.
  • Assisting in taking charge of a unit in the local government education system.
  • Assisting in advising local government on adult education
  • Supervising and co-ordinating community development programmes in a Local Government Area under the supervision of a community development inspector.

Information Units

  • Taking charge of press release on the activities of a ministry/department.
  • Collecting data and assisting in writing and editing press release, pamphlets, posters and other Government publication.
  • Taking charge of information, publicity and public relations matters in the local government.
  • Collecting materials for general information and publicity.
  • Preparing documentaries, features and press releases on political, economic, and cultural.

Department of Works & Housing

  • Supervising and monitoring of projects under construction to ensure compliance with approved quality of materials.
  • Monitoring and documenting all ongoing Local Government building projects.
  • Taking part in the execution of maintenance and construction work.
  • Carrying out building surveys on local government building and maintenance work required.
  • Advising on the formulation, execution and review of policies and programmes on matters relating to the building projects

Department of Planning Research & Statistic

  • Supervising and co- ordinating the works of a number of subordinate staff.
  • Producing overall plans and cost estimate for programme works.
  • Providing detailed plan for programming jobs.
  • Supervising and co-ordinating the activities of the computing and unit record staff.

Preparing data processing equipment for budget

Department of Environmental Health Services

  • Performing primary health care duties including preventives, community and environmental health duties in urban and rural areas.
  • Inspecting and protecting water supplies including taking of water samples for chemical and bacteriological analysis.
  • Inspecting factories for industrial health and food hygiene.
  • Taking charge of environmental health activities in a local government area.
  • Ensuring the general supervision of environmental sanitation in the wards.