Projects and some achievements

Past and recent projects we carried out 

Past Achievements

  1. Purchase of farm inputs for free distribution to farmers of Oyo South East LCDA.
  2. Purchase of office equipment for OSIEC.
  3. Establishment of Seven Acres of maize farm at Ajagba village L.G Headquarters.
  4. Training of farmers in Ajagba Zone Oyo South East Local Council on how to handle Agricultural Chemicals.
  5. Sensitization of Farmers on Importance of Afforestation in OYSELCDA (ward 1-4).
  6. Youth Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture (YISA).
  7. Training of Farmers on seed yam Multiplication technique.
  8. Widows Empowerment
  9. The Need for Holiday Academic Concept for 500 School Children in Ward 1-4.
  10. Sponsoring of Oranyan Festival.
  11. Interactive Mobilization of Women at Oyo south East Local Council Development Area
  12. Workshop on reduction of Road accident in OYSELCDA (A day Workshop)
  13. Empowerment of Women within Our locality
  14. Control of insect and Mammalian pests at Olori, Emi abata, and Ile Oba Village
  15. Clearing of Blocked drain and Culvert at Gaa Apaara, Oyo
  16. Sensitization Campaign on effects of dilapidate walls on public health
  17. Sensitization campaign on Insanitary Exposure of food items to dust Insects and rodents in Oyo South East Local Council Development Area
  18. Free health service conducted by Rotary Club in Collaboration with Oyo South Local Council Development Area. 18th -20th October 2018.
  19. Rehabilitation of network of rural road at Gudugbu Orile road.
  20. Rehabilitation of network of rural road at Alabi Olorunda Idi-iya.
  21. Tarring of 200meter road at Apaara area, Oyo
  22. Tarring of 200meter road at Jabata area, Oyo
  23. Sensitization programme on Examination Malpractice.

Present Achievements

  1. Production of Computerized Staff Identity Cards
  2. Provision of drugs to all the 17 Primary health care center across Oyo South East LCDA
  3. Health awareness on Corona virus Covid-19 Programmes in each ward in the LCDA
  4. Provision of Training in various aspects of agriculture, Fisheries , Snail, and grass-cutter farming
  5. Renovation of a dilapidated deep well Situated at Ogidi Compound Apaara area Oyo
  6. Minor repairs and transportation of the grounded grader from Onidin Village to the Secretariat
  7. Sponsoring the meeting of stakeholders in planning the reopening of all closed primary schools in Oyo South East LCDA
  8. Servicing the bulldozer jointly owned by the main council and LCDA
  9. Provision of Staffs Identification card for 127 staff both regular and Adhoc free of charge
  10. Empowering of farmer through distributing of Myriad of spraying Machine for ten farmers
  11. Creating and funding of online educational platform
  12. Awareness campaign against the spread of corona virus and distribution of anti-corona virus items in all the markets and garages in Oyo South East Local Council Development Area.
  13. Grading and widening of 34 kilometers of dilapidated roads in Oyo South East Local Council Development Area to mention but few.